Hey guys,

So I've been thinking over the last 3-4 months that a cycle might be the answer but I'm still caught up on things that I've read in other forums and posts, some of which contradicts the other. I'm thinking of running Test Cyp 250mg twice a week(Sun. & Wed.) for 12 weeks/ 50mg Var ed for weeks 4-12/12.5mg aromasin ed. for 12 weeks. Following this run 20mg of nolva ed for one month. Also taking milk thistle, fish oil, and multi vitamin throughout.

This where I need help.
I'm currently 25, 26 next month, and I have been training for 18 months with a month and half gap earlier this year due to moving from MD to TX. I have always struggled with weight since I was a kid and even with a pretty damn good diet and workout regiment I can't seem to get my BF down. I'm currently at 18% BF at 205lbs. My diet is at 2300 Kcal a day 40/40/20 macro split with one cheat meal a week. My routine is a push, pull, legs, rest set up and I do cardio twice a day. Hiit in the AM, LISS in the PM. Any information is valuable at this point. I'm trying to stay safe(this is a marathon, not a sprint) but I also want to increase my life. I feel like the weight issues always there and have read incredible stories about Var.