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    Rec's for first cycle!!

    Hey guys, I know I just posted a similar thread but now I am more familiar with one of my questions and need recommendations on two others. I am 5'8, 190, 21 yrs old looking to cut and strengthen. body fat is about 20%. I would like to get that down under 15%. Is that a possibilitly. Is there ways of dieting that would be most effective for me to achieve that goal?
    Week 1-10: Test Enanthate 500 mg
    Week 1-9: Equipoise 300 mg
    Week 1-10: Liquidex .5mg (daily)

    Clomid: Start 3 weeks after last injection, 300 mg first day, 100 mg next 10 days, 50 mg last 10 days.

    Nolva: Enough on hand to start taking 20 mg/day at week 2 should symptoms arise that early.

    ****I was wondering if you had any suggestions on anti-e's because I'm not sure which ones would best suit me with this cycle. I kind of want to take them the whole cycle for preventitive purposes but and looking for a recomendation on the best ones to take with the test/eq cycle*****

    ****Also, how does the cycle sound for my first????*****

    Sorry for all the questions guys but as this being my first cycle I want to do it the most effective way possible.

    Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Josh

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    Run that cycle a little longier. Otherwise ok. Yes 3 weeks after last eth shot. How about some dbol ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMan226
    I am 5'8, 190, 21 yrs old looking to cut and strengthen. body fat is about 20%. I would like to get that down under 15%.
    Base on this info imo i wouldn't run test e, you will gain too much water. If you can increase your cardio and take an anti-e, it will reduce it. Rather than doing all that you may want to consider prop. and of course cardio.

    maybe something llike this:

    prop weeks 1-13 100mg eod
    EQ weeks 1-10 400mg/wk

    and maybe think about tren weeks 8-13 75mg eod.

    ***As for anti-e's i have arimadex. I haven't taken them, but from i hear they are one of the best, but also very expensive.

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    Bro don't juice it's not going to help you lose weight, get your diet together first lose 20lbs, then put on some muscle mass and juice when your 23-24.


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    brother, lose weight first at 20% bf, ull have a hella hard time seing the muscle gains, TRUST ME !

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