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Thread: Anadrol or Dbol

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    Anadrol or Dbol

    For an off season bulking cycle which one would YOU choose? I'm an experienced user and have ran Dbol several times but wondering if Adrol is a better oral. Thanks.

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    Did you think about Tbol?

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    Apples or oranges? lol seriously it's a toss up but drol probably yields more gains, not permanent tho. Fun, but gains go quick.

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    For ME, I like anadrol the best. But both are great. Liver support is essential, so make sure to handle that. Both compounds put on weight really quickly for me, but anadrol puts on much more than dbol . It also makes my head swell up like a pumpkin, lol. I don't retain nearly as much water on dbol, but the mass increase from either one rapidly diminishes once you stop them. If I ever take either one these days, it's only for fun and a mental edge in the gym.

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    Dbol is
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    When I was younger I would say go with DBOL ,
    now I realize (or have changed), that drol is less harsh in terms of sides than DBOL. I don't go over 50mg drol a day though, I feel that's plenty.
    When talking about sides I mean two things really; psychological and water.
    Drol and DBOL does give me a little water, more of test is high, which it usually is when using these compounds.

    I could use both drol and DBOL for months on end theoretically though,
    (Just like with TBOL, which is an awesome AAS)
    so both AAS are kinder than f.ex winny.

    When I was younger I never could use drol for longer than a couple of weeks before I began feeling bad, but for some reason that's not the case at all now.

    As for which is more effective, not sure, really very similar.
    With drol I mostly use 50mg a day, with DBOL up to 50mg a day,
    so mg for mg DBOL is stronger, but if 50mg DBOL would outshine 50mg drol isn't necessarily true even so.
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    With Dbol , I gained 25lbs in 4 weeks and got freakish strong. Then again, I looked like the Pillsbury Dough boy with puffy cheeks and water retention everywhere. All that went away pretty fast once I got off of Dbol and was onto the regular Test cycle. I don't front load anymore. Just a regular Test cycle gives me all the gains I can keep without all the stress to the liver.
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