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    How much time for deca kick in the joints(paint relief)

    How much time for see pain free in the joints?( i know deca mask not heal)

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    to be honest bud I wouldn't go expecting miracles its known I guess as a help to the joints but its only a fraction of help and in certain circumstances, if you have an issue in there a tear or such its not going to make a bit of difference, have a look into mega cissus, that can help in certain circumstances (it has personally helped me twice) but If you are looking to combat dryness in the joints from other substances then it is a help there,

    my personal experience for what its worth

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    about 4-5 weeks . the relief comes from an increase in synovial fluid in the joints (essentially more water retention in the joints). Then over time there will be an increase in collagen synthesis, but thats a slow process and is not directly related to the joints as a ton of other body parts use collagen

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    You'll see benefits or things easing up around week 5 but even though you'll see a vast improvement with joint and tendon pain you could still be causing damage to the area. Its just a type of cushioning of the joint with fluid. I've had remarkable improvements when I've added a therapeutic dose to my trt just for this issue.

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    Four weeks gone on new cycle,and i feel better already.
    I've suffered rotator cuff problems in my left shoulder,for two years or so,and tried all kinds of physio/exercises to put it right,without much success.
    Now it's no longer a problem,although i suppose it could return upon cessation of the deca injections,but for now,i'm happy it appears to do
    what it says on the tin.

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