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    Sustanon 750mg review

    its quite good its hard to explain though like after one week my lifts increased dramatically..

    and with the slow esters now im on week 5 they're starting to work now in with actually growing its the best of both worlds..

    first u get strength increase after week one and so on then the slow esters kicking in play alot of the role of building the muscle now so ur strength cached up with gains..
    so it gets better over time my muscles day by day get more tight and hard..

    and this is my first cyle ever im running it at 750mg a week and i havent gotten any negative sids at all and alot of people say to stick at 500 but everyone is different.. slow esters play a role to not have any sides or atleast less sides

    give a multi Esther test next time guys and you'll see what i mean

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