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    Injection Q - weird sensation

    Been injecting for many years, on TRT. Have been doing Sub Cutaneous (belly) for a long time now, as well. Tonight, I had .3 of .4 mL down, and got a weird sensation I'd never experienced before. Felt like pin pricks in several spots all over. Couple places on the head, shoulder, thumb. Thumb had a burning sensation, too. Sounds like a nerve got tweaked, but like I said, never experienced this before. Anyone?

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    sounds like you accidentally punctured the sub q central nervous system thats tied directly to the brain normally flowing glucose from fat cells to the brain while your sleeping . being you punctured that your more then likely going to die from lack of fuel to your brain ,, the weird pins and needles is the least of your worries

    ^^. fyi , that was a joke

    for real though its not a nerve. its a systemic reaction just like acuu puncturist look for the right spot to stick the needle to make things react in other places . no different then itching your toe and feeling it behind your ear .
    learn from this experience and realize the body is one giant complex electrical system that is all tied together

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