Hi Iím 38 year old male in fairly good shape, been training for 15 years .
in a couple months i will be going to do Tree planting in far north queensland
it involves planting 2000-3000 trees a day, carrying heavy weight w a shovel, walking , bending down
non stop for 9 hours during 2 months on temperatures that goes from 37 to 45 degrees and humidity of 70-80% , seriously by far its the hardest job and workoutís there is

Im thinking on getting the beginners stack from gear phoenix website contains
2 viles / Testosterone Enanthate 250
x 1 packet / Clomid or Nolva
x 1 packet / Arimidex
500mg Test E
0.5mg Arimidex

Is this a good idea in a situation like tree planting ?
should i be concerned for the water loss due to the heat ?
I drink around 7-10 litters a day but sitllÖ.
can i get started w a Sarm 2 months before starting the cycle ?
Iíve been told one burns close to 6000 calories a day on the job.
how does this stuff combines w a huge calorie/ fat diet ?
last time i tree planted i included high calorie and fat in take , gain heaps of muscle and for shredded.
Oh and i just started balding , should i expect hair loss for sure ?

thank you for your time .