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Thread: Winny forms

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    Winny forms

    Ok, I have looked thru a good amount of the threads on takeing winny tabs, and drinking winny. One thing I am confused on is will drinking winny depot be as harsh on my liver as winny tabs? Is it still 17aa even tho it is in water and what not?

    Also if it is as harsh and the same exact compound is there any way I can get crazy and make my own injectable winny somewhere down the road with tabs. Similar to makeing fina?

    thanks in advance bro.

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    ITs gonna be about the same oral vs IM. Little bit of difference, but IMO not worth shooting it.

    You can make injcectable winny from tabs. I have done it before. You have to extract it though. I use acetone. Then you have to dissolve it and get it to stabilize, which is a litlte tricky with winny.

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