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Thread: Getting blood work same as donating ???

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    Getting blood work same as donating ???

    Hey guys Iím getting blood work pulled from my hmo. Does this have the same benefits as donating blood. Iíve never donated but I heard itís good for you???

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    not the same volume.

    Donating is good for you when you are on cycle because it lowers your hematocrit.

    Getting blood work is good for your to check various aspects of your health.

    However, the amount of blood drawn for blood work is negligible and won't lower your hematocrit.
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    Bragging to someone
    you need to donate. blood work is not near enough volume to make a difference.

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    Hi iron levels will help to oxidize the interior of arteries causing them to age faster.

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    They take a pint of blood from donating, when you get bloodwork i think its a few vials only and not enough to do anything

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