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    Drop in libido late in cycle?

    Im in the last few weeks of a test e/winny cycle (750mg test/wk, 90mg winstrol ed). Added the winstrol in for the final 6 weeks. Anyway, I recently noticed a drop in libido. First several weeks it was crazy, sex was all i could think about. But recently (i think around the time I started the winstrol) it hasn’t been like that. More of just a “normal” libido like I have off cycle, and erections not quite as strong as they were. I’ve been taking aromasin 25mg ed and have no gyno or water bloat. Is this drop off in libido normal? Or is it possible that one of the bottles of test I started using was more underdosed than the others, or maybe a result of the winny?

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    Could be wrong but sounds like your first or second cycle? I doubt the test was underdosed that much. Your test levels would remain high for a couple weeks anyway. Maybe the winny. People react differently to compounds. Cut back or stop it to see.

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    Having no bloat or Gyno is not a sure signal your E2 is ok. For each there's an ideal hot spot in T/E2 ratio and when this ratio is unbalanced, each one could experiment your issues.

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    how long you been on? ive heard this with 19nors but you only added in a DHT that doesnt even aromatize so its still just your test dose coverting to estrogen(E2) if you havent missed any days with your aromasin or have switched brands id look into that - it could just be psychological as well

    any BW on your sensitive E2 essay... what was your E2 at?

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    could be too low of estrogen . Winny may have some anti estrogenic effects (through its binding affinity with SHBG) and add that to your 25mg every day of AI .

    blood work will let you know for sure

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