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    Preparing to sport examination

    Hello! I am feeling sorry for my english, because i am not a native english speaker. So Could u help me please? I am having a sport exam in march, consisting of the bench press( now I do 70 x 18 its like 80 points, but I need 27 reps for 100 points in this exercise), running for 1 kilometer or 3 kilometer, and exercise for speed running 100 meters or shuttle run. I will chose 3 kilometer and shuttle run.
    I have not been using steroids for 1,5 years. Now I have 300 turinabol caps and 4 vials testosterone propionate . Can u tell me how to use this combination properly to get high results in running and bench press? I am planning this cycle for 6 weeks, but what if my sport examination will be on post cycle therapy ? How will this fact influence on results?? For example my training program is like : Monday : gym Tuesday running, Wednesday gym, Thursday running, Friday gym Saturday: rest from workouts, Sunday : rest from workouts. I will try to increase my bench press reps and max for 1 rep. And how about leaver on turinabol? Is this dangerous to use like 60 mg turinabol per day for 6-8 weeks?? Will I lose all my results if I will keep running 1km or 3 km on pct? I am planning pct on clomid.

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    You need to prepare a full PCT before you cycle. How much Test Prop is 4 vials and what is the concentration in mg/ml?

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