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    First Clen cycle - very tired

    Hello, I have searched the forum before asking Started clen today, decided to go very low 10 mcg just to see how I feel. I do morning fasted cardio 5 times a week and lift pm. I also don't eat until like 11 - 12 pm. Due to job, etc, its the only way I can get cardio and lifting in the day. Coach said to not take clen before cardio and to take it with food, which totally throws off my schedule. So today I took 10 mcg and man, I am ready to go the f to sleep. No energy. At 40 mcg I can imagine I probably be knocked out the whole day. Does anyone has similar experience? If so, what do you do? I am 11 weeks out and need to take it (diet is 100%, training is also, but for figure I need it). Has anyone taken it on the empty stomach at like 6 am with a cup of coffee or some sort of pre-workout, did cardio and didn't die? Lol. Sorry if this is a stupid question. It's just I already freak out easily and reading stuff online about clen, there is so much conflicting information. On the other hand, I used to go to raves a lot and dance all night and you know Thank you for any input!


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    Welcome to the forum. It's smart to start slow with Clen . My first cycle, I took 40mcg the first day and didn't sleep for 36 hours. Crazy, right? I never felt tired or sleepy while on clen. It's just your first day so give it some time. People are taking over 100mcg/ed of clen so 10mcg is a low dose.

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    Welcome to the forum. You don't have ADD do you? Clen acts like a stimulant and with some people, mostly ADD pts, it can have the opposite effect, feeling tired. If this is not it, your body could just be telling you that you need to get more rest for recovery.

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    Thank you guys! Going to 20 tomorrow, then 40 and will see how I feel in a week I guess. I don't think I am ADD and its def clen , because before I took it today I was not tired. ~45 min later its like an onset of tiredness

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