Hi everyone,

First of all my apologies if this is not the right section for a DNP question i really couldn't figure out where this question needs to go... second, I've been trying to find an answer online but everyone who has asked this question already has different circumstances so I'm confused.

Here it goes:

I started my DNP cycle on January 3 with 200mg of DNP every 24 hrs. I also started taking Cardarine on the same day. 10mg of cardarine per day about 40mins before my workout. I'm also taking multivitamin as well as vitamin E, vitamin C, and magnesium.

I'm 171cm in height and 83kg in weight.

I changed my diet to very low carbs and high protein and some fats, my carbs come only from veggies (no rice, no bread, no potatos and no vegies loaded with too much carbs). I also cut sugars out, only sugar i consume is from V8 and electrolytes drinks. My water consumption is on average 4litres.

On day six i upped my dose to 400mg, 200mg every 12 hours. Originally i had intended to go on a low dose for a longer period but not feeling the effects i decided to up my dose.

Today is Jan 13, eleven days I've been on DNP and i still no sign of the sides. Even though here in Australia is summer now and the temp has been going up and down between 30C to 45C, i still don't sweat any more than i normally would, i don't feel any warmer than normal, and i believe i haven't lost any more fat than i normally would on a clean diet as i am on now.

I even had a couple of beers and on day six i had a cheat meal packed with carbs but even then i didn't feel a spike in my body heat...

I don't even feel a loss of energy which under normal circumstances would be thanks to the cardarine, but even the cardarine didn't do it's magic when the DNP still hadn't yet built up.

The only effects I've been experiencing is the yellow urine and sometimes a moderate heat right under my chest which lasts only for a few seconds.

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on? The seller is known to be reliable with high quality products. Could it be fake? Or perhaps for some reason it's taking longer for it to build up? Or my tolerance is simply higher for DNP?

Thanks for your time!