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    Anabolics by William Llewellyn

    This is a popular book on AAS and includes lots of cycle plans.

    Why is it though that the cycles in his book goes against EVERYTHING I have ever learnt and everything every one of you fine gentlemen teach in this forum?

    In this 'beginner' cycle he advises the use of Decca and no Test. No Test in his cycle plans are a comment reoccurrence and is always a HUGE no no in terms of AAS.

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.28.51.jpg

    Here are some other of his plans so you get the jist

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.30.28.jpg

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.31.20.jpg

    It gets more interesting in his more advance stacks where he promotes short use of long ester compounds such as Decca and EQ, something that goes against everything I have read. EQ at 4 weeks?, I have always read that its 16 weeks MINIMUM....

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.31.58.jpg

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.42.27.jpg

    He even promotes some mad 22 week cycles which use multiple compounds

    Anabolics by William Llewellyn-screen-shot-2018-01-12-19.33.44.jpg

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just wondered what you guys think of these cycles. I know its all subjective and that a lot of these are aimed at advance users, but that doesn't change the fact that he's promoting the use of No Test in cycles, short runs of slow releasing compounds (EQ, Decca etc)

    This is clearly an educated man and he has 11 editions of this book, so it must be selling well enough haha. Curious to see what you guys think !!
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    On a side note, the 'Bulk and Cut' cycle looks fantastic, even if very complex. I am assuming one could achieve the same results with something much more basic though..

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