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Thread: Short Ester Only Cycles?

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    Short Ester Only Cycles?

    Hi guys. I have a question about long vs short ester on cycles. I have a few cycles of test only (a little dbol here and there) under my belt. I am getting ready to make a decent size order of raws for my next few cycles and want some help deciding what to choose.

    My goal is primarily hypertrophy, I am 38, I am on TRT so no PCT here.

    My cycles thus far have been 12 to 16 weeks. I felt this was too long of a time and would get mentally drained or bored, might get a little too fat at some point and still have 8 weeks to go, and I'd rather prefer to do 8 week cycles.

    And I am wondering if I should go with primarily ALL short esters on cycle. Since I am ordering raws, I'm ordering all the compounds I'd like to try, just to see if I like them. I want to try deca , eq, and tren for injectables. (I will leave orals out of the discussion).

    But should I EVEN BOTHER TRYING deca and eq on these shorter cycles, or should I instead order NPP and Bold Ace? And for my test on cycle, would there be any benefit/drawback to making my only test be prop?

    I have wanted to try Deca and EQ for so long, but people have said long cycle only, and I don't plan on doing any long cycles unless short cycles aren't doing it for me.


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    I would not use test prop since you are on TRT. I would continue using the same test (test e?) since you will not stop using test after the cycle. I would not use deca on a short cycle however a good alternative is NPP. Essentially NPP is the short esther version of deca.

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    My opinion is you should stay on the same test that you're doing for trt and up the dosage when running cycles and simply drop dosage when bridging...keep it simple..Short ester test (for me personally) aromatizes too much and just seems to cause issues that long esters don't cause (although I know people who love blasting test prop and cruising on cyp or enanthate ) for me I prefer a long ester testosterone bc it's more stable and seems to cause less problems..overall...But it entirely depends on how your body reacts to high levels of test and whther or not you're prone to estrogen sides. If you're gonna blast Test Prop to trt shots of lets say Cyp, you'd be wise to get blood work done and have plenty of AI and SERM on hand. This is why I don't go that route, too much extra sh*t to deal with..but some guys can handle plenty of test with no problems..

    As far as the Nandrolone , I haven't actually run NPP personally so I can't give you an honest opinion but I will say this - I've seen guys get insane results from it and the next time I run Nandrolone it will def be the NPP version. I think it will work out nicely, assuming you know what you're doing (no offense), to run base line test and add NPP and Bold Ace and Tren when you're "on" blast those for 8 weeks and then drop the other compounds and cruise for 12 weeks. Keep us posted. Throw some pics up so we can see your progress too.
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