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Thread: Low Dosing

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    Low Dosing

    How's it going I'm brand new to this forum but I'm excited to stay a while. Got a question I'm looking to learn a little about and hear some opinions. I'm currently active duty in the military and looking into starting my first cycle ever. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to go with first but I'm continuing to research and any suggestions would be great.

    So my question is on whether low dosing a bit on whatever I take is a viable option. I know this sounds counter intuitive but here's my reasoning. Being in the military it is obviously not allowed, I've already decided on giving it a shot and taking the chance however I'm worried about it being too obvious. If I blow up out of no where it might raise some eyebrows and get me tested. I'm currently 6'3 202lbs decently lean. I'm in the gym everyday and have a clean high protein diet. I don't want to jump to like 230 in a matter of weeks and raise concern. Obviously i want to make some gains but is there a way to go about this to keep it looking natural at a little faster than natural rate, such as a low dose on a longer cycle. I know it sounds like I'm tip toeing into this but I'm just trying to be careful especially my first go.

    I believe I have a good base size and diet to start with but I'll leave a picture for opinions. I'm plataeuing a bit and am looking to get a little bit of a boost to increase size and strength. Thanks in advance for any help.Low Dosing-screenshot_20180113-010554.jpg

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    Have your natural hormone levels tested first,,you may find your still in the high range and AAS isn't necessary right now.
    On the other hand you may find your testosterone isn't up to par and use a little assistance from a simple Testosterone cycle.

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    I agree with alin, unless you have very low test levels, low test dose will not help you.

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    your diet will determine how much you grow more then will your Test dosage.

    also, your 6'3" and only 200 pounds, which means you probably are mainly ectomorph and "blowing up" and putting on 30 pounds quickly is likely not going to happen

    400mg of test should be plenty to help add on some size
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