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Thread: Cycle Help please

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    Cycle Help please

    I am 18 years old, i know you will all say I'm too young but this is the life i want to live so leave it be.
    I am 6 ft tall and 200 pounds, id say around 10% body fat.
    I have been lifting for over 3 years now and i want to start taking test.
    I came up with a cycle for my first and this is how it goes.

    Testosterone Ethenate 300mg 2X/week for 12-15 weeks
    Noveldex 20mg/day
    clomid(week 11-15)
    HCG 5000 IU( i dont know when to take this or how much)

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    No one will advise you here to do a cycle mate. Yorie just going to get the same answers.

    You’re simply fucking you future up and no one wants part of that blame.

    You haven’t done any research either as you’re missing an AI and your PCT meds are in your main cycle.

    If you’re stupid enough to do it then read the stickies on “my first cycle”

    Also, post your pics cause I want to see this 200lbs 10% bodydfat at 6ft (that’s my height, weight and body fat goal)
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    If they are your stats at 18 you don’t need aas.

    Post a pic and your current diet and let’s take it from there.

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    Yea put some pic dude i m curious abut your form

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    10 percent bodyfat 200 pound and 18 years,...hmmm think there's more chance of taking a shit on Mars,than seeing a pic!

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    Yeah that would be impressive to have achieved a lean 200 lb physique at 6 feet tall by the age of 18, but I've seen crazier things. Got any pics bro?

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    This is the life you want to lead at the moment, but in 5-10 years time things may change. By which time you could well be fu***d!!

    I am 24, started at 19.. And i'm going through a tuff patch at the moment and may need TRT, when i was your age i thought this was the life i wanted to lead. Now I regret my decision. Just wait and cycle safe when your ready.

    If your going to go ahead then spend some time researching and educate your self.....

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    What they said

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