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    Lightbulb HGH for beginner who want to improve body image and growth hormone?

    need advice on HGH for beginner: I am 24 years old male from UK. I do have asian ethic origin and part of Latin America, which I got it from my dad. I was nerd and computer geek, never exercised. Was fat and thought good education will give me money, girls and everything. I got my phD in business administration in an early age. But world now changed, people are more advanced now. I am not tall enough and looks are far important to create an appealing first impression, and I am stuck with 5 feet 3 inches in height. I wish I played more games. So I gave myself one ear. I got amazing transformation and lost all fat 25% tons 3% and got blackbelt in Taekwondo and also medal on a local boxing tournament. I am very fit, but not tall. My half-brothers are intact quite tall 5feel 11 and I am just 5 feet 3 inch. I have insecurities and always get bullied and picked on still my people when I get into argument main thing they point is the height issue. Hence, I wanna take HGH. What will be the dose for a healthy active men like me? cuz I really need to beat the fatigue after everyday workout and recover fast from all these tendon and bone injuries from sparring

    WHAT will be dosing? for how long is recommended ? what precaution would be while preparing for the PCT?

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    There is a lot of posts about this. Based on what you said I don't think you should be taking HGH at all. "I get into argument main thing they point is the height issue. Hence, I wanna take HGH." If you are taking HGH to grow taller, you'll be taking doses which are incredibly unhealthy and most importantly, HGH wont make you taller. Years of high HGH use at absurd doses will make your feet, head, chin, etc grow - and not in the good way. Take a look at Rich Piana documentaries about it, or ask him - if he wasn't dead.

    There is a lot of information out there, but TBH I don't think anything you posted requires any suggestion that taking HGH would be healthy. You already are in great shape, regarding recovery time from workouts, research/people debate that it may actually slow recovery time (I read this in some medical journal).

    That only benefit would be healing of injuries at a faster rate - but your tendon and bone injuries sound more like just short term pain from sparring, which is normal.

    In conclusion - HGH wont make people stop making fun of you for your height or make you taller. If you are getting picked on for being short, I'd think of ways to handle it are far easier, cheaper, and beneficial to you and your mental health. Stop going to bars with toxic people, or stop instigating if you are (not saying you are though).

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    Exogenous HGH will slow down or stop your natural production of HGH. You're too young for this to happen. HGH is used for growth deficient children traditionally pre-puberty.

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