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    19 Years old , diagnosed Low T , should I jump on?

    hi guys

    i'm 19 and a half and have been prescribed TRT due to having low T. I had problems with libido , ED , depression and puffy nipples before this diagnosis. I've never used anything like steroids /prohormones although I was working out. I believe my low T was a result of injury sustained to the genital area since after this issues like ED and loss of strength came about.

    I am curious as to whether since I'm on TRT already and will most likely need it for life, is there any danger in using anabolic steroids at this age as opposed to waiting till 21+? I am tempted after seeing how much better I feel on a low dose of testosterone replacement . I am in a country where steroids are legal and pharmaceutical grade if that makes any difference.


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    If you have been diagnosed with low T and prescribed TRT by your doctor then stick to this until your at least 23. Then you can think about cycling if this is the route you still want to take.

    You will make great gains and progress well from TRT so stick with it for 3-4 years!
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    I would see more than one dr and consider my diet, training and sleep.. also if you drink that can lower t. I am 25 and just started trt. Spent a couple of years trying to get my t up. Ask family and see if hereditary. I would be wanting to know what caused the low t. It is a lifelong treatment. So I would try to fix the problem first before jumping on trt. If you can fix it then awesome. Try a cycle when you are 23-25. Keep in mind trt is at minimum 1x a week needle in the ass for life.

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    If you were 19 I'd say wait but since you're 19 and a half you might as well go balls to the wall lmao. No I'm just f*ckin around man. You're so young dude why don't you just get your training and diet in check and make some legit gains on trt doses before blasting heavier dosages and compounds. You can make serious gains on trt in just one year you'd be amazed what you can get done, and then you'll make even better gains once you've built a solid base.

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    You're 19 and have low T but the rest of your HPTA are still developing. I wouldn't recommend that you go hog wild with T shots. Give the rest of your HPTA to grow and develop before you start cycling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LockoutTrines View Post
    I believe my low T was a result of injury sustained to the genital area

    Your doctor should be able to diagnose whether this is injury related based on blood work.
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