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    Question regarding HCG

    I just received my HCG and I'm about to run it for my first cycle. From my research it only shows mixing the powder or tablet HCG. The HCG I received is all liquid. So do I go ahead and mix it the same with bac water in another empty sterile vial or do i pin the desired dose of 250iu right out of the HCG vial?

    In case anyone is interested in my stats,

    Height - 6' 2"
    Weight - 216
    BF - 14-16% bf
    Age - 30

    Test E - 300mg/ml every 3.5 days
    AI - 0.25 every other day
    HCG - 250iu every 3.5 days

    PCT - same as the one posted in the newbie thread. I have everything already, just need the knowledge on the HCG in order to begin.

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    Some HCG comes in already reconstituted. Hucog HP is one of them. The HP supposedly stands for highly purified.

    Edit: If you received all of the packaging, there should an insert with all of the info you need. If not, Google Hucog HP and one of the first results should be a .PDF of the insert.
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    I get mine in 10000iu HP so then I mix with 10ml bac water. So after that for each 1ml in a syringe equals 1000iu. .5ml = 500iu And .25ml = 250iu Etc. So then you just draw up 250iu and shoot twice a week for 500iu per week, more hcg than that per week for males is unnecessary

    Like Almost stated, there's tons of more detailed info out there on the web about this, but this is the basic mixing breakdown.

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    Ok that helped a ton. I was searching using the wrong term. I was searching for hcg liquid form mixing. Found nothing. I found videos of mixing searching hucog hp mixing. Thanks.

    I got mine in 2x 5000iu.

    Took my first pin last night. Hurt like crazy. Wish me luck brahs. I might make a beginner log thread. Let me know if that’s a good idea.
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