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    TS400 Blend and Winstrol (First Cycle)

    Here it is:

    Age: 23

    Weight: 162

    Height: 5'9


    Week 1-8: Test blend 350mg (175mg twice a week)

    Week 1-6: Winstrol 50mg Everyday (25/25mg)

    (note: I'm almost done with my second week in the cycle and knee hurts, I will be kicking down to 25mg ED, also AI's will be used only if

    Post Cycle Therapy :

    Week 10-12: Nolvadex /Clomid 40mg Everyday

    Week 12-14: Nolvadex/Clomid 20mg Everyday

    Important Supplements:

    Milk Thistle: 600mg (Liver)

    COQ-10: 100mg (Blood Pressure)

    Asprin: 81mg(Blood Pressure)

    Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM 1875mg blend (Joints)

    Fish Oil 1000mg (Joints/Heart/General)


    Protein: Chicken, Venison, Eggs (165mg+ Everyday)

    Complex Carbs from Greens, Oats, Fresh Fruit

    1 Cheat meal per week

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