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    Need help for ED post cycle

    I started test enenthate 500
    Tren acetate 300
    For 8 weeks ... in cycle everything was good .. erection and lipido
    After i finish my cycle and pct "clomid,nolva,hcg "
    I lose my erection ... still have HiGH Lipido as usual before ... but i can't have erection now "2 month after pct"
    I did blood work every thing was in range "prolactin is near maximum"
    I took cialis 5 mg for 1 week .. it got back my erection for 2 weeks .. then i lost it again
    What i can do ?! Do i need to get prolactin low ?! Use some caber or what ?!
    If need any information i will provide .. but i need help

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    Did you run the hcg through pct?high prolactin can definitely cause those issues get some caber.

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    Also cialis isnt a permanent fix. It requires constant dosing to get the affect.

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    This is precisely why I'm on TRT. Too much bs to worry about. If I couldn't get it up for weeks at a time I'd lose my mind lol!
    Where was your estrogen? High e2 can affect erections along with high prolactin and low LH and FSH. Your total testosterone may be in range but you free test may be quite low indicating low LH and FSH.

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    Run caber .25mg twice a week. It takes a while to get back to normal after a Tren cycle. It's pretty normal. At 23, let's hope it doesn't take too long to get back.

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