Ive been hearing that 1test cyp can be run wo testosterone . Any truth to that?

I just started... 12 weeks of dhb 600mg a week, test cyp 600mg wk, tbol 50-75mg a day for the first 3 or 4 weeks. Ill decide later in the cycle if i wanna up the dhb towards the end. And i have enough halo for 4 weeks at 10mg a day or 2 weeks at 20mg a day.

Assuming the halo I have is dosed correctly, what would be a better daily dose and duration with the amount of halo I have. Main goal this cycle is strength really. Considering the other steroids I'm using, when should I run the halo? The last 4 weeks at 10? Last 2 at 20mg? I could just run halo and test suspension weeks 12-14 or 12-16?