Hello forum im a complete newbie when it comes to steroids or other anabolic substances. Nevertheless i was interested in that topic and so i made some research the last couple of days. What i would like to get from you guys, are some answers on questions that were raised when i made my research, and to help me make a decision whether i should take steroids or not. But please go easy on me with some short forms of names, since im not a native english speaker its hard to translate or even to find a suitable meaning via google.

First i would like to give u some information about myself, so u guys know what im working with and what i would like to achieve from the use of steroids.

-19 yo
-6'4" (193 cm) height
-165 lbs (75kg) so u see im pretty skinny for how tall i am

I am going now to the gym for like 2 months and already made some progress. But i wasnt going all out for the gym in terms of nutrition, supplements, perfect sleep, never skipping etc. ^^
I know alot of u guys probably only started taking steroids when they had already a solid base of muscle due to training for over a year, or even reached their natural potential. Im completely honest, im a lil bitch who is strongly teased by the shortcut which steroids provide .
What i wanna achieve is nothing to great and i know it could be done naturally, but i dont have the time and honestly do not want to put in that much long-term effort.
I want to achieve an athletic physique, a little bit pumped and ripped, obviously bigger than what i am now but also not too big. I'd even say that i wouldnt even like to hit my full natural potential.
Im fairly skinny but got a little bit chest, got abs, some venes on my upper arms, so i can imagine myself with a ripped body. I got a strong metabolism, which is why i can barely put on weight despite i eat a lot.

[U]Now to the questions:

I dont wanna use the Steroid or Sarm for a longer time. My plans are just to use them for like a 3 months cycle (why is it even called a cycle?). Well i know that a lot of the gains u made during steroids are gonna fade away after u stopped taking them. But i heared that when u didnt hit ur natural potential u will be able to keep some of them, with good nutrition and stuff like that i guess. Is that true? And when its true what does it take to hold onto the gains? Does this have anything to do with a PCT? And what even contains a PCT? I also heared that when u use Sarms that u will be able to maintain the gains, can anybody confirm this?
Like i said i just wanna do max 3 months or even shorter because i really dont wanna risk my health or face any of these sideeffects. What i know about my body from some drug experiences, is that I have a low tolerance and substances in low dosages still have a good effect on me. From this i would conclude that a low dosage of Steroids or Sarms would still unload their affect on me. I really do not wanna use steroids long-term and also do not wanna take high amounts or alot of different stuff. But is it even possible to gain muscle in such a short peroid of time with low dosed steroids or sarms? And will i most likely experience some sideeffects in the meantime? I heared ppl saying on Youtube that when u run a low dosage and know what ur doing ur most likely not experience sideeffects, but is that true?
I also wanna avoid those smaller sideeffects like acne. 1 Years ago i had some mediocre strong acne and i still have a bit. I heared that when u had acne before that u will most likely get acne when ur on gear. But is that also the case when i only do it for 2-3 months and in low dosages? And would this also be the case when it comes to Sarms?

I also heared alot of people saying that u need to run more than 1 substance at the same time. They said when u mix them (I dont remember what exactly it was) u get more gains and its also healthier? Is that really true? Isnt it better if u not overload ur body with chemicals and shit?

Now to sarms. The opinions about them seem to be pretty split up. Some say they are scams and get u absolutely no gains, some say they gave them mad gains like steroids. I know that they were invented to have an anabolic substance for medical use without the typical anabolic sideeffects. And i also know that this was more or less a failure because they can also have some bad sideeffects. Ive read that they are not very tested on humans so they might be dangerous. But ive seen so many reviews where they praise them. I dont really know what to believe and therefore im insecure about making decisions.

Now that u know abit about my base (bodyfacts, my strong metabolism), what i wanna accomplish and concerns, u maybe can give me ur opinion if i should use steroids or sarms and if so, what i can use exactly. Because there is alot of different stuff out there but some are having the effect to burn ur Fat which i dont really need as a skinny person. But i also dont wanna get big with alot of water and stuff. I just wanna pack on lean muscle ina short amount of time if that is possible. What could i use to achieve that? And should i take steroids or Sarms, when i dont wanna get bad Acne and risk my health too much?

Im very thankfull if u read this long text till the very end, and im also glad for any answer. Hopefully u got my concerns and help me abit out.
Have a nice day