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Thread: long time member here. switching from adex to aromison. advice please

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    long time member here. switching from adex to aromison. advice please

    Hey i haven't posted here for a long time. 38 year old Been runnning test for about 2 years straight now. prescribed also. Majority of time been running 250mg per week. Been using arimidex the whole time through at aprox .5mg per day or eod. I'm starting Aromosin, wondering how exactly i should jump into the dosages (I DO NOT WANT TO MESS UP SEX DRIVE) I believe i have 12.5mg tabs i think i t is. Was planning to do half pill ed or eod. What works best for you guys and what do you thnk would work best for me? I'm gyno prone also lol

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    Only bloods can tell, this thread might be useful regarding how often it's best to take it

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    .5mg of adex every day at 250mg test/week?? Thats way too much adex. What do your bloods look like? If you have a legit doc prescribing your trt then he should be able to tell you how much ai you need.

    All that aside, if you actually need .5mg adex every day, then you will probably need atleast like 25mg of aromasin daily, maybe 37.5mg. 250mg test weekly also sounds high for trt

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidUK View Post
    Keep pounding that much AI and its going to happen. AI use causes more sexual dis function then does slightly elevated estrogen (which enhances sexual function for a lot of guys).. IF I'm really worried about my libido and sexual performance , AI's are something I stay away from or keep to the bare minimum
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    I've been researching the difference between the 2. Some research I read says using aromison can potentially be rougher on the hairline and/or cause shedding of the hair. Can't not confirm my research nor am I experienced enough to comment more.

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    Who needs hair when you're jacked? LOL

    I could go into a long diatribe about the cause of hair loss but the bottom line for me is this; if you're pre-disposed to hair loss due to exogenous Test, you're going to lose your hair. If you're not, you'll lose hair more slowly. I was cycling for years before I noticed hair loss. Honestly, I can't tell if it's because of the gear or because of genetics or it's just age appropriate. Whatever the reason, we all need to make a decision if keeping your hair is more important than muscles. Then again, there's no guarantee that you'll keep your hair even if you don't cycle.

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