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    Want to stop cycle early - please help I have no clue what to do

    Hi everyone.

    I keep getting blocked by the spam blocker so that's why some things are spelled weird.

    I decided to take the plunge into gear and I really regret it. I cannot overstate enough how generally anxious and scared I feel right now.

    I'm 25, been training for 7 years and have a decent body (6'0", 208lbs, around 12% body fat).
    Bench 320 1rep max and squatted 405 the last time I tried to see if I could, but I haven't maxed in a long while - I just don't like how heavy squats feel on my back and knee (prior meniscus surgery) so I stay away from them.

    I decided I wanted to try to push past the plateau I've been at for the past several years and I wish I hadn't.

    I tried to post what I've been taking but there's only been 3 s h o t s total of t e s t. First last Monday, then Thursday, then the following Monday (2 days ago). I also started taking d b o l last Thursday - so I've taken it for 5 days total. t e s t is at 250 each time and oral is at 40.

    I had ordered hcg and it was supposed to have already come in but it hasn't.

    My boys have shrunk significantly already (maybe 50%) and they have some general pain (I think from the atrophy). This is what I'm freaking out about.

    I want to have kids one day and I did not at the time realize how much these hormones can mess with your body. I'm not willing to be on trt for the rest of my life and I'm DEFINITELY not okay with the possibility of not being able to have children one day.

    I can order hcg from a few online places in the USA that will have it delivered within a week, but they're all $250ish.

    I will pay that in a HEARTBEAT if it's what makes sense to do.

    The new update for tracking info for the hcg says estimated delivery is 4 business days, but when I look up the tracking info it says that there's an alert (using 17track) and that the package "might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc."

    It's also listing it as still being in India, so I don't have much hope for it getting here soon.

    I have normal stuff for p c t. N0lva

    Please tell me what to do y'all.

    I wish I had waited until I was 40 and already had children before messing with steroids .
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    I’m sure you’re fine just run some nova and clomid for pct if you really want to abort the cycle.

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    Agree with redz...why not just do test cycle to completion...hg takes time to see the benefits..if you only bought one kit I don't see the benefits..give the test time to kick in properly I'm sure you'll be satisfied..imo

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