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    Test Prop kickstart a waste with Test/anavar cycle?

    I was thinking of doing a test Cyp/Anavar cycle and kick start test prop for the first 4 weeks. Iíve heard from a lot of sources that itís useless to kick start with prop but on the other hand hear people love doing. Thoughts?

    Hereís what it would look like.. Any suggestions?

    Week 1-12: Test Cyp 500mg a week (3.5days)
    Week 1-4: Test Prop 100mg (EOD)
    Week 9-14: Anavar 50mg (ED)
    Week 1-14: Armidex .25mg (EOD)
    Week 2-12: HCG 250iu (3.5days)

    PCT Week 15-20
    Clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25
    Nolvadex 40/40/40/20/20/20
    Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
    MK677 ED

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    In the long term, I haven't found front loading as beneficial as I thought.

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    I would say to just use prop all together. It hits faster and with less water weight. It also clears much faster so you can start pct sooner and that cuts down on your off time. I prefer 8 week cycles because i can start a new cycle sooner, rather than having to wait 6 weeks flr cyp to kick in and then Waiting another 18 days for it to clear for pct.

    Im not saying long esters are bad, just my personal experience.

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    if you pin 500mg 2x weekly first week than drop to 250 2x a week there after you won't have to wait to reach peak levels.

    the prop isn't really a front load. at least not in the plan you have it laid out with.

    us save the prop for the last month. switch from test e to test p at week 8 or 9 and use it last month. and you can start pct 3 days after last pin instead of 2 weeks.

    anavar , if you must. I'd save it for the end part of cycle.

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    PCT doesn't need to be 6 weeks. 4 is fine.
    Should not need aromasin during pct either.
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    I know frontloading has kind of gone by the wayside and alot of guys dont do it anymore. I see what youre doing is more of a kickstart, which is fine to get your levels up quicker if you choose. Its more of a preference thing i think. I always frontload if im using a long ester, just seem to get out of the gate a little quicker. I dont think its ever been a huge difference, but for me noticeable enough. I front loaded my deca on this run and started to see it getting to work a little sooner than i had previously. But it isnt a necessity by any means, you will get the results either way provided everything is in order

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