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Thread: low estrogen please help

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    low estrogen please help

    So I'm pretty sure I crashed my estrogen with arimidex . Took a lil too much and now I have zero energy and no sex drive. Ive been off it for almost a week and was curious to know if theres anything I need to do or take to bring it back or if it comes back with time (if so how long) I'm currently taking 400mg a week of test cyp and 25mg of meant (orally) daily

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    Blood work would be prudent to actually learn where your level is. Other than that it will bounce back. You're injecting 400 mgs pw so it's bound to go up! You'll feel better in no time. Don't obsess on it.
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    ^^^ Like Kel says, don't panic. E2 will come back and you'll feel better over time. Be patient.
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    Id reccomend getting bloods. I crashed my estrogen a couple times and it was actually because my test was underdosed.

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