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    In need of experienced thoughts of testo cycle complication

    Hello guys.

    Ive planned to start my testo cyp 250/wk, injecting monday and thursday, today. Though, I just got some sad news and will be have to take a flight away from my howntown for 8 days next week, going on tuesday and will be back home on early thursday the week after.

    So, to the question: How the hell should I do it? Ive been thinking about injecting late today, and then on thursday, and then inject on tuesday morning before I have to leave, and then inject as soon as I come home again on thursday morning/lunch. I will basically have a break of 7-8 days without injecting. Something tells me its kinda bad, even tho I will still have some in my system since testo cyp halflife is around 7 days? I only have 10 weeks from today to inject, so if I skip now, Ill only have 7.5 weeks instead....

    Will it help me the most to stay of it until I come home again or should I be fine running it with a 7-8 days break? The last 5.5 weeks I will throw in var. And I will be running 0.25mg adex eod as long as Im on testo.

    If ^this is a big nono, I might be able to sneak a syringe with me, should I if so, go for the full dose (250mg) in the middle of the week Im away or just do a normal 125mg?

    Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance guys, having a real hard time deciding whats the best to do.

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    Test Cyp is a long ester and for TRT, guys inject once every 7 days. 8 days is a little long but it's not a deal breaker. Just inject right before you leave and right when you get back.

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