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Thread: Limited Availability of Test Question

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    Limited Availability of Test Question

    I have access to the proper AI (Arimidex ) and PCT (clomid, nolvadex , etc) but only have access to 3 vials (10mls) of Test P 100mg and 2 vials (10mls) of Test E 250mg. Id like to do 16 weeks which is doable at TestP 1ml eod and TestE 1ml 2 times a week. My question is does it matter which one I run first? Would it be better to run testp last so that I can start PCT sooner or first because its a faster ester or just wait until I can get enough of one or the other to do a just one? Just looking for some opinions. Thanks...

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    I like the idea of running the test p last do you can start pct sooner

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    id run beginning with P, middle with E and end with P.

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    Here is what I would do.

    Wk 1-10 Test E 500mg P/W
    Wk 5-12 Test P 100mg EOD
    Wk 1-12 Arimidex .25 mg EOD (Adjust accordingly)

    3 Days last shot start PCT
    Nolva 40/20/20/20
    Cloming 75/50/50/50

    You have 8.5 weeks of Test P @ 100mg EOD (3x Vials = 30 shots x2 = 60 due to EOD divided by 7 = 8.5)

    You have 10 weeks of Test E @ 500mg P/W

    You coul start the Test P later if you want the cycle to be prolonged, but I like the mid section where the Test is higher, but this is your goal/experience dependant.

    Personally id prefer to just jump into the PCT rather than wait 2 weeks for the test to clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m.hornbuckle View Post
    id run beginning with P, middle with E and end with P.
    Just be aware that if you start with test prop and then switch over to enanthate you will get a serious dip in-between as enanthate takes weeks to build up. Unless you frontload with prop and finish with prop, enanthate all the way through for a 10 week cycle, test prop at 350mg for first and last 4 weeks.

    Edukes idea is good. I think it's best to finish with test prop it would make going into PCT smoother
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    Thanks for the input everyone

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