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Thread: Pain, side effects Test Prop + Nandr (deca)

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    Pain, side effects Test Prop + Nandr (deca)

    Hello guys, im really desperate. I read tons of articles, but didn't find any situation similar to mine. So normally, i wouldn't beg for advise and bother you. I am 26, ultra hard gainer, on and off exercising 6 years. 187 cm, around 75 kg, 8% body fat. I was on 75 kg border around one year and said ok screw it, i can't cross it anyother way, let's go for roids.. Also, have small injury with my joints, so my friend told me about Deca and said go for it, you will be cured really fast. He ordered somewhere for me test prop + nandrolon deca + stanozolol (tablets) all of them from company Magnus pharmaceuticals. Also my another friend said, he want to try this cycle too (both of us its our first cycle). Dosing is 100 mg test EOD, 250 mg deca every 5th day + stan 2 tablets ED (10 mg per tablet). First shot 2 weeks ago monday test + nan (friend from gym told me, first go slowly, 4 day test, 3 day test and after that EOD test). First 3 days i felt like sh1t. Sickness, extremely pain in my butt, higher temperature. At Friday, we went other cheek, no high temperature, but pain aswell. I found out i had short needles, so it created smthng like absces, but i asked my doctor and he said, it's not absces but i hit border between fat and muscle and the oil can't be absorbed. Next week was better, still pain after shots, we went EOD test + 2 times nand. I had huge mood swings. One day i was happy and all day singing, another huge depression. Now, we started 3rd week, yesterday just shot of test and i cant almost walk, sit, sleep today. I don't have any apettide, iam not almost hungry. All 2 weeks i just wanted to sleep, i could sleep for 13 hours a day. Tired as hell, but the worst is the pain in my ass, now its not same pain like before, before it was like burning pain, now its like when horse kicked you. Also i got huge water retention, i sweat like a pig all day long, after 2 weeks, im only 3 kgs up, my friend is 4 kgs up. What do you think? Should i stop it or it will be better? I was thinking every time, when i shot nand it was much better then just test, so what about split nan to half and dose it all time with prop? Im sorry for so long article, but want described everything so you could understand what is happening to me.. Thanks everyone who at least read this..

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    The cycle seems poorly planned out and you don't need to "start slow". Test prop and deca doesn't go well together, one is fast acting the other is slow acting, bad timing!

    It seems your gear is dirty or hasn't been brewed properly. I wouldn't keep injecting in your scenario.

    Figure out what's wrong with your training and diet first, AAS will not fix that, AAS will just enhance an already working protocol. Check the workout section and the diet section and read the stickies...
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