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Thread: Test dbol cycle advise but gyno

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    Test dbol cycle advise but gyno

    Age 26
    Height 5'8"
    Weight 67kg

    My last cycle test c only 500mg/week

    Pct done

    Now i am planning 2nd cycle
    Test C 500/week
    Dbol . 30mg/day

    But i have little gyno what i do in cycle plz help me.when press my nipple then i fell hard ball.
    Which protection use in cycle ? Plz help

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    get rid of gyno before Dbol .

    in cycle with dbol and test, I'd go .25mg adex every day or .5 mg every other day and 10-20 mg nolva during dbol period.

    after dbol is done go to the standard .25mg adex eod.

    but this is just my rule of thumb, and how I'm going to plan running my dbol and test cycle.

    bloods are the only sure fire way to know what and how much and how frequent to run an AI.

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    I wouldn't cycle until the gyno is cured.
    Run Ralox 60mg per day until gone. Can take 3-6 months until the gyno is gone.

    After that...
    use AI on cycle and run 10mg of Nolva every day during cycles

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    2nd cycle and 67kgs shows me you are not eating correctly.

    I'm same height and was that same weight at the time I was running full marathons while being vegetarian (10 years ago).

    Maybe better improve your diet and training before all you get from steroids is gyno.

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