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    steriods and pregnancy?

    my wife and i are trying to have a baby, she does not think we will get pregnant while i am on steriods because she has read of the lowered sperm levels can she or not?

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    well if your shut down the chances are going to very slim if at all, but it can still happen. guys have landed themselves in trouble thinking that they shoot blanks during a cycle and ended up knocking up there women.

    since the chances of falling pregnant arent that high in the best case scenerio being on gear will only make it that much harder.

    i think if your shut down do post cycle therapy get your boys up and running and have fun

    whats do you guys think?

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    It could be much tougher while you are on. If having a child is something you are really serious about doing then I would come off and recover.

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    This has been answered loads of time. Do a search bro. My g/f got pregnant while I was on the juice.

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    your sperm levels are lowered while on steroids . if you and your wife want a baby you should get off them for a while atleast until she gets pregnant then you can get back on them. i guess it whatever's more important to the both of you steroids or having a baby

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    You can get her pregnant but it will be more difficult beecause lower sperm count

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