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    Blood work results in- estrogen is higher than the grocery list!

    I'm hoping I uploaded that right. Anyway. I'm on Sus 350mg/wk. Didn't start taking an AI until right after I got this blood work done. Which was week 6. Honestly didn't put two and two together about the poor libido and high estrogen. I was advised to not start taking arimidex immediately on that low of a dose of test. My libido crashed about week 5. And I started getting a GYNO flare up about the same time I had the blood work done. Ive had a touch of Gyno in my left nipple from when I was going through puberty. But it did start to get worse and I could feel a warm tingling sensation as well. So I started taking .5 MG arimidex eod. Stayed on that dose for about a week. After doing a little more research I decided to go on a letro regimine to try to counteract the Gyno. On day 4 now working my way up to 2.5mg a day. Cut out the arimidex the day after starting letro. I can tell my e2 levels have gone down. Feeling great right now but from what I hear that won't last long with the letro regimine I'm on. Still making great gains. Plan is to stay on for another 2 wks. Wait a wk. Start hcg at 500iu a week for 10 days. Then go start my clomid/nolvadex pct at 3wks after last pin. I'd appreciate some advice from the more experienced members here if they don't mind, thanks
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