Hey there guys. Iím a 21 year old man going into my senior football season at a school that will reamin unnamed hahaha. Iím not planning on using anywhere near the doses I normally read about on this forum but I am about to start a very mild Turinabol cycle, unpopular I know. but, since I am a college athlete and already pretty finely tuned, the only thing Iíll need is that slight conpetetive edge and I think turinabol is the perfect drug for what Iím looking for. NOW FINALLY, Iíll as my question. How should I eat on this stuff? My goal is to do a body recomp while getting rid of a little offseason fat that Iíve built up AND put on good- performance boosting muscle. Long wishlist but hey Iím a greedy guy lol. Any ideas on what my Macros should look like on this? Iím 6í tall, 210 pounds, and I train 5 days a week. (As a sidenote, Iíve been leaning towards eating slightly above maintenence calories amd hoping the gear will make up for that surplus)

And yes, fellas. I know of the dangers. I know that my test levels will be suppressed while on. I have accepted all of these. i am doing this to gain an edge in a very competetive sport so I am willing to deal with the consequences. So, while your concern for my well-being is appreciated amd does not go unnoticed, it will probably fall of deaf ears. I am a college athlete and have decided what I need to do.

And please save any of the ďTHATíS CHEATINGĒ b.s.
Just ask any competetive power lifter on here, if you want to keep doing what you love and be good at it, you have to take that extra step. Just bc you arenít taking them, doesnít mean everyone else isnít too Just the way it is