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    Awful Cystic Acne on chest. Help please.

    im getting a massive cystic acne of my chest and it hurst a lot , been on doxycycline 200mg ed for the last 6 weeks, my dermatologist send me this.Clear a little my back but my chest still awful as fuck.

    I start today a topical tretinoin cream. Can melanotan 2 and tanning beds help with this? im getting mad , thinking about accutane but im on winny/epi rn.

    Experiences? tips?

    should i add low dose like 20 mg of accutane ? but i dont know if i should wait till i end my cycle prep and start with accutane this winter with dermatologist ofc

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    Accutane has its own issues. There's not much you can do about cystic acne. It's really deep so topical cleaning does very little. You can lower your dose and that will help. I tried piercing it thinking it was full of fluid. It just hurt and did little to give relief.

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    Agree with SG tried piercing them and did nothing but made it worse.
    Tanning helps me with regular acne but didn't find anything to help with cystic.

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    I get two on my chest, in the exact same spot every time. They never pop, or get a head, or anything. At full size they're like half a grape.... Hard as hell not to keep driving a needle in them, but the more i mess around, the longer they stay. Frustrating.

    Agreed, tanning helps me with normal shoulder acne too.

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