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    New member 3rd cycle critique

    Well here goes. Won't make this too long 'cause I know that if I do some of the less committed members will look right by my post.

    Since shirtless season os coming to an end I'm going to start a bulking cycle. My goal is simple; size/stregth. I'm 6'4" 221 about 12%bf and have been lifting since gr.8 (I'm 25y/o now). I know what needs to be done as far as my diet and training is concerned.

    Here's what I've come up with

    Week---Sust---Deca ---d-bol
    11 clomid 100mg/ed
    12 clomid 50mg/ed

    I may also try arimidex with this one if a buddy of mine goes splits w/ me on a bulk order. If no arimidex I'll have Nolva on hand in case of any itchiness in my tits.

    I would really appreciate any input on this boys. Too heavy? Too light? Timimg of stack? Wrong chemicals? I thank all who respond in advance.

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    IMO you don,t need to taper the deca stick with 400mg all the way through and the d-bol I would do for 5-6 weeks and the sust any reason why you are going to 750mg could you stick it at 500mg and run with that?

    I,m going to do the same cycle very soon and I,m going deca 400mg 8 wks Sust 500mg 8 wks D-bol 30mg 5 weeks.This will be my first.

    Hope it goes OK bro


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    I'd run with Billy's advice, 500mgSus/400mg Deca . Up the D-Bol to 40mg ED. 4-5 weeks.

    Also run the Clomid for three weeks post cycle. 50/100/50

    I'd save the armidex for a bigger cycle, depends whether you're prone to gyno.

    Also take Milke thistle for one week b4 the D-Bol and two weeks after at 800-1000mg ED, break the dosage into three.

    Drinks lots of water and eat, eat eat!

    Train like a m/f!


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    No reason to taper. Take deca at 400mg and keep the sos at 500mg. Run the dbol 2wks longer. you might want to run clomid wks 10-12 @100/50/100. Im on a similar cycle and is working great. Everyone differs to a extent. Looks good, post your results during your cycle.

    Fast R

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    400 deca eh?

    Alright I'll increase my Deca to 400mg/week

    The only reason I'm thinking about doing sust for 750 for 3 weeks is that I have extra sust, I've got 19 vials of Nile Sust. I'm sure one of my buddies could use it for one of their up coming cycles. So it's not like my extra sust will be sitting there collecting dust.

    So I'll go 500mgs/weekx8.

    I am prone to gyno, but Arimidex is an expensive hedge against gyno. I'll just keep Nolva on hand.

    I've got 800mgs of Paperbol and some Thai pinks (I think the pinks are underdosed) I'll see how much total d-bol I have and I'll use it for as long as 30mg/day will last.

    So I guess all I have to do is buy another vial of Deca, and find a happy home for 3 vials of sust. Thanks again boys.

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