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Thread: T-400 again?

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    Chaos Guest

    Unhappy T-400 again?

    Alright I am a newbie and I have read everything on here about T-400. Some of you guys like it some don't. Some don't care and mike thinks it is CRAP. But her is my situation I've been working out for 2 years I am 5'8 190 about 14% on bf. Bf pretty high because I got married and lazy but just got divorced and hitting the gym again. I have never done roids before but I have a friend who has he bought Denkall t-400 400mg and is willing to let me buy it for $130 because he decided not to do it. Its sealed and unopened and the guy is a really good friend. I do not know anything about taking it, from how much, to where to inject, to the size of the needle. Need help PLEASE?

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    are you going to use anything else but the t-400?

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    Chaos Guest
    don't know that is another one of my questions. Like I said I don't have a clue that is why I am here.

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    23g needle.

    1cc split into two 1/2 cc's per week.

    Upper outer quadrant of your gluteus maximus. (check out the pics on where to inject on this website).

    Take for 8-10 weeks.

    Get nolvadex , incase of gynecomastia .

    Clomid for post cycle. You will need roughly 35-40 tabs.

    Food is the critical factor in ANY cycle. Somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25 cals per lb. od bodyweight. 2g of protein per lb. of bodyweight THAT YOU WANT TO WEIGH when the cycle is over. The rest of the cals should come from complex carbs, and healthy fats. Sugars and saturated fats should be kept to a minimum.

    Ohhh.....BTW, be prepared for a little sting from the BA.

    Silly me. Are you ready for Steroids to become a part of your life?

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    get some dbol and do that for the first 4 weeks @35mg a day so...

    400 mg t400 a week for 10 weeks
    dbol for the first 4,
    papa's diet,

    You'll be loving life.

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    Chaos Guest
    Thanks papa. Yeah I am ready. I really only want slight gains and to be able to keep it. and I know its going to sting like hell but hey no pain no gain

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    Mike Guest

    Dont worry bud - it's not crap - it's just a fallacy - I dont think you get what you think you are getting when you pay for it and you dont get what everyone assumes it is cause in theory Test 400 seems so wonderful - but yes of course it will work - I wouldnt worry about that

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