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    2nd steriod cycle recommendations

    My first cycle was 4 months test started at 300 bumped to 500 then 600 last 2 weeks and 300 decca mid cycle i took aromosin and hcg and on cycle support for the cycle and pct used nova and clomid and a arim rx and a natural T booster asking for any recommendations for my 2nd cycle i was thinkin maybe test and EQ but just wanted to see what everyones thoughts would be

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    Eh, either a troll or really dumb. You're 18.

    Were you on a cycle for 4 months total or was it 4 months ago? You threw in Deca mid cycle... guessing week 8, it took atleast 5 weeks for the Deca to build up in the blood so week 13 is when you could effectively make the best use of it. Then came off week 16. Did you stop the Deca 2 weeks before the test, then stop the Test 2 weeks before starting PCT for all the Esters to clear? Have you had post cycle bloods to see if you've recovered? I think you very well could have screwed yourself up for life.

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    Fit, didn't we read this post somewhere before?

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