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    New way of doing a cycle good or bad?

    Ok a friend of mine gets his juice off a family friend hes been taking steroids for years he used to compete and is a monster. This guy is 35 and told us a differnt way to cycle. Im a little worried that his ideas come from the old school days back in the 80's when time on and time off and clomid were never heard of. Anyway we told him how we did our past two cycles (1st one test 400mg & deca 300mg 10 weeks) (2nd one test 500mg and eq 400mg 12 weeks) He said that going at that high of a dosage that quick causes your body to adjust to the steroids quicker and hinder gains. His recomendation was to run a longer cycle but start off slow and work your way up it looked like this

    weeks 1-4 test cyp 250mg a week
    weeks 1-4 deca 200mg a week

    then he says around week 5 when they start kicking in bump the dosages up
    weeks 5 and up 500mg of test cyp
    weeks 5 and up 400mg of deca

    he says to run this as long as it works then when the gains slow up get off and take a break he also said to throw some dbol in the middle for a few weeks just to keep switching things up. I feel that this does make sense because throughout the whole cycle things are changing and keeping your body guessing but Im scared that this may be to long of a cycle I mean this could easily be a 15-20 week cycle recovery would be hard wouldn't it? But then again I know some people on this board are fans of the long cycle so what do you guys think?

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    I have never tryed this idea but i dont like it. I would rather have constant levels going through my body instead of adjusting them in the middle of my cycle. But if i did change them in the middle of my cycle then I would want to lower them instead of raise them so that my test levels would peek in the middle of my cycle instead of at the end. And i dont see no reason to use dbol in the middle of your cycle. The good stuff is already working. If you want to shock your body then just change your workout up. Dont mess with your hormones.
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    hmmm thats so old skewl, it was used around the time ur body was in his early 20's, dont tapper. just keep at 500 mg/ew.......

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