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    Question regarding Cytomels catabolic effects

    Hello everyone. Yes I am a new member but have been a long time reader of these forums. Im a 25yr old female who has been into weight lifiting since 2012, but not for competition, just for little old me. I am a very curious person who takes their TIME to LEARN before acting...and if I see a problem, I like to learn as much as possible about how that problem works soI can try to solve it
    Anyway. Ive been doing lots of reading up on various substances used in this community... And something I am very very curious about is the catabolic effects of T3/Cytomel ..
    Many people take an aas (or combo of them) with the Cytomel to preserve lean mass while cutting with Cytomel...Here is where my question finally comes in:
    If an alpha-receptor antagonist like Rauwolscine (Alpha-Yohimbine) were dosed along with Cytomel....Would that help to slow muscle loss?
    From my understanding in simple language, Rauwolscine works by inhibiting the receptors responsible for stopping fat breakdown...
    So, in theory, if you were taking an alpha-receptor antagonist with Cytomel, shouldnt the mechanism of muscle loss by the Cytomel be at least slowed down a bit by the fact that our body is no longer being AS restricted in how much fat is used as fuel before our body switches to muscular protein??
    I also have a secondary question in regards to a Cytomel cycle....
    Its very common to stack Cytomel and Clenbuterol to preserve lean mass. However Clen doesnt have the best rep, and seems like it can be a hit or a miss in regards to being able to tolerate.
    So for a female, would Anavar not be a good alternative to Clen? Anavar has more pronounced benefits in women than in men, please keep this in mind before you say its too weak of an aas to preserve mass. If it really is too weak, Ill accept it but only with a logical explanation that will apply to females as well.
    Obviously I am a female looking for an alternative to harsher options, so the typical responses to try Test or dbol etc etc wont be able to apply here.
    Thanks for reading, I look forward to your articulate and well backed up replies
    Im not looking for advice on how to do a cycle for myself or IF I should do a cycle, ONLY what the effects of T3 with Var or Rauowlscine would be. Thanks

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    Well kudos to you for taking the time to dig in and do research before jumping into something. Theres alot of guys here that have extensive experience with t3 and clen , ill give you my take and what ive learned. Some of which is from seminars and info gained from industry pros, some of which is from my personal use and my wifes personal use.

    T3 and clen combo is effective - provided diet is not even great but even decent, but thats for another discussion. Clen sides are very person specific. My wife much prefers the pharma grade tabs (they were pharma from europe, i could look up the info for you). She is sensitive to meds and was able to dose 100mcg t3 and 80 mcg clen per day with clen split through day and slowly ramped up with decent results. She tried the liquid version and couldnt handle any of it- too many sides. Now people will say that clen has anavolic or muscle saving capabilities, but theres no literature that ive ever found thats proved this- not to say it doesnt do something, but i dont believe myself that it directly has an effect on muscle wasting or saving.

    The idea of alpha yohimbine is interesting in theory, i just dont know enough about it to really say one way or another. Would have to investigate the inner working of both together.

    The idea that cytomel will eat muscle is true by definition, but i believe way overstated. I could see i guess possibly how it would be of some concern on some level to a top level competitor whos got every niche of their body to develop every single ounce of muscle possible. But to a normal person, ive never seen any noticeable difference, provided they have normal diet and workout routines.

    Now my wife does now take low dose test as hormone replacement but didnt for a long time while using clen and t3, nor did the other 3 women she works out with while they were on t3 or clen or both, and never had any noticeable changes other than body fat, slimming effect.

    Other than required, therapuetic type treatment, anyone that suggests you add test or dbol to your regimen should be ignored immediately. There are a few regimens that could be suggested for a woman, but not one of them includes dbol. Actually, i have used roid test to confirm that any anavar ive gotten for my wife or her friends, wasnt dbol or somethimg else because it is often faked.

    Having said that, anavar os a good option for women in my opinion. Maybe 10 or 12mg per day range, some go up to 20 or 25mg but thats person dependant. Its a good solution to any concern you may have to muscle loss, works well in conjunction with t3, and for most women will give them additional lean mass and a slight increase in strength. Low sides, not very androgenic , and does a similar job for a woman that low dose test would do for a man. Ive seen some pretty good results in real life from a t3 anavar regimen - and thats not even with a strict diet or extensive training protocol.

    Sorry for the extended answer/rant, its just an interesting topic to me

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