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Thread: eq/durabolin ?

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    eq/durabolin ?

    im have been on a fina cycle for about 3 weeks now and havent had any gains so far just a little bit of streght gains and im very disapointed because my previous cycles and also my first was durabolin by itself at 200mg/week and gained 25 lbs so im thinking of stopping the fina and going straight to either durabolin (not DECA -durabolin) or Eq but while i was on durabolin i experienced very bad bloating in my face !! now what i want to know is if i take a durabolin/winny/and an anti-es will i have any bloating in my face what so even becasue i cant have any bloating at all !!! or would i be better of taking an EQ/winny cycle with no anti-es but will i come out with less gains ? what i want to know is which cycle would be most effective for gains with apsolutely NO facial bloating at all !!! please help me out bros !

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    Fina doesn't kick in until about the 3rd or 4th week, run it about 6-8 weeks and see what you think... BTW how much fina are you taking? The ideal amount would be 75-100mg every day for best results.


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