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    Need help about drawing test/deca into syringe???

    I am currently running a test/deca cycle. This is my first cycle. I draw the deca into the syringe first, then the test. But what happens if you go past the desired amount you want to take. Say you drawing 1 cc of test with 1cc deca and you have drawn the deca and then you draw the test into the same syringe, but you go to like one line more than 2cc line. Can you just shoot the little bit back into the test bottle to get to 2cc even? I'm just wondering if you are shooting a little deca back into the test bottle, or does the deca just stay at the bottom of the needle and you just shoot the test that is on top? Will this affect the the test in way? Thanks bros.

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    Hey bro. I'm not 100% on this but I don't think it would hurt to shoot the extra test back into the bottle. I don't think that two oil based substances will mix that quickly, as long as you have it straight and upside down.


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    Why bother putting that small amount back into the vile? Shoot it!

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    hmm you should be able to shoot it since the two oils wont dissolve. but why would u draw to much, u should be precise and careful !

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    doesnt really matter. 1/10 of 1cc isnt a deal breaker on either side of the fence. also if you inject the BOTTLE with an equal amount of air it will tend to give you that amount of product.

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