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    Third cycle early results (first cycle with Tren)

    Hello all,

    I am 3 weeks into my third cycle, and felt like sharing with this great community in case it helps others or someone might point out a way I can do the next cycle better. First, know that I am older and on TRT, needing 100 MG of test a week to reach normal levels according to my doc. So, that's probably a little different than most of you young fellows.

    For my cycle, I am taking 400 MG of Test and 400 MG of Tren a week and plan to do so for 12 weeks. Before beginning, I took a full panel blood test, and everything was perfectly in range. I inject EOD to reach those dosages each week. On the days I don't inject (EOD), I take .5 MG of arimidex and .25 MG of cabergoline. I know these are fairly large dosages for a novice like me, but I seem to tolerate AAS very well and have experienced almost no sides in my previous cycles.

    I am 3 weeks in, and the results so far have just blown me away. I am MUCH more vascular. My muscles are fuller. I am leaner. Literally everyone has noticed. I train BJJ and people making jokes about me juicing but some of them I can tell really do know. It's too much to hide already. I have only gained 1 lbs but I look leaner, so the scale doesn't tell the full story. I really can't believe it. It's far beyond my expectations so far and I have 9 weeks to go. After lifting and dieting and seeing so so results for 20 years, I never thought I would look like this the way that I do right now. I will post a photo later at the end of the cycle or maybe half way through.

    I have experienced no physical side effects but the psychological changes have been dramatic. I want to fuck constantly. I can't focus at work. I have mood swings sometimes, which are easily addressed by just reminding myself it's the drugs and sometimes smoking a little cannabis. It's really not bad, and even a hell of a lot of fun in its own way. I just feel like a goddamn caveman. But I don't have oily skin, hair loss, tren cough, etc. For me personally, I have seen almost all the promised benefits of tren with few negatives. My wife loves it because our sex life has become phenomenal.

    Anyway, I just needed to share because I don't know anyone else in my personal life who is pro steroids and I wanted to get this off my chest. I will post more as I get more results. I welcome any feedback, criticism, or questions.

    One more thing - I take 2 IUs of HGH ED for anti aging but it's not really part of the cycle. I just do it always no matter what.

    Cheers and thanks for the support!
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