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    Deca Durabolin vs. EQ???

    I"m going to start a cycle in a couple of months. I want big gains but I not a whole lot of bloat which I know that Deca is known to do. So some of you all who have used both of these give me your opinion on which AS you think is better, and maybe some pro's and con's on both . Thanks.

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    I like EQ, really kicks up the appitite, increases vascularity and adds some decent lean tissue. You should definetly be adding test with this cycle though and not running either of these AS alone.

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    EQ is better if you want to keep bloat at a minimum. I include it into all my cycles because of the increased appetite and vascularity effects. It helps you consume all those extra calories needed for muscle building. IMO it should be ran at a min. of 400mg/wk for no less than 10wks.

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    In a VERY watered down statement "Eq for quality & Deca for quantity". Either one run with Test will give a beginner some decent results, assuming training and diet are in check.


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    Deca hands down. What bloat? Bloat from deca is usually very minimal, and the favourable effects outweigh any possible side effects which are very rare.

    Think about it? I know a lot of people with disagree with me, but do you feel good about injecting a vet steroid as is with the case of EQ or a steroid designed solely for human use. (DECA DURABOLIN )

    And I just can't understand why everyone says "you have to use test"
    What do you think deca is? Deca and all steroids are based on testosterone . Deca just doesn't have the carbon atom at the 19th position. That's why some people call it 19-nortestosterone.
    Basically all this means is that deca is very similar to test but instead exhibits much weaker androgenic properties than testosterone.
    I would suggest, that if your main goal is quality gains and less side effects, you might aswell stay away from the pure testosterones.

    I want someone to explain this "test is best" attitude that's been cultivated only lately on this board.

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