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    False estrogen reading while on tren

    Current cycle;

    400mg week test
    400 mg week tren e
    350 mg week deca
    60 mg Anavar
    25 mg day Aromasin

    Starting 4th week

    Had blood work done and estrogen came back high. Was pointed out by a form member it was a false reading because of the tren. I am currently taking 25mg per day of Aromasin from the pharmacy which someone said was overkill.

    Can I cut the Aromasin down to 25mg eod? I can not split the pill to take 12.5 mg a day because it is so small.

    Thanks for the help

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    You can even take it E4D, it is a suicidal inhibitor which means it irreversibly binds to the enzyme to render it useless. You don’t need to maintain constant levels of exemestane in your blood to keep it working.

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    im pretty sure tren shows up as estrogen in some tests?

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    keep in mind the only thing that your running in your cycle that aromatizes to estrogen much is the 400mg of test . plenty of guys don't need an AI on that small a dose. also , nothing wrong with elevated estrogen while on cycle (for a lot of guys, that actually kinda the point and goal of what your trying to accomplish). if your trying to grow then you want elevated estrogen. if your NOT trying to grow and don't want E levels elevated at all , then simply don't run compounds that aromatize , like Test (or just keep it at TRT or lower)

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