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    New Cycle Critique/Advice


    Been off since December and planning another cycle, well have been planning for a while now.

    Week 1 - 12, 600mg Test E P/W
    Week 1- 12, Masteron Prop - 100mg EOD
    Week 1- 10, 500mg Deca P/W
    Day 1- 20 50mg Dbol
    Week 1 - 10, 20mg Nolva Daily

    I have adex, hcg , Caber and all the other good stuff on hand if needed.

    Is the Nolva dosage and length of use, and Masteron correct with Deca?

    I have never used Masteron or Nolva on Cycle with Deca before, so this is a first for me.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    That's probably fine, if you're looking for different ways to think or just discuss it, consider these questions.

    The most obvious, why no AI? I'm not critiquing, just wondering. I suspect its because you're running Nolva instead, its a different thing but some do it. For me, 600mg of Test is a bit uncomfortable, but I'm old.

    Out of curiosity, why Mast propionate versus Mast enanthate ? I only ask because with Test E, Deca , and Mast E, you would only have to inject 2 x's per week, whereas with prop, maybe every other day. Either way is fine, I just prefer less injections.

    You might think about googling around about running Mast longer than 10 weeks, I do it, but some don't ... but it does make me Pee throughout the night.

    Why are you running Nolva? I know why many do, just wondering why you are. Are you prone to gyno?

    Again, just giving you questions to consider, what you planned would be fine too.

    Best of luck,

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    Just a heads up, tamoxifen will prevent gyno, but doesn't stop the other side effects of e2 (like ED)

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    I would sub out the mast with tren IMO. 200mg/week. 20mg nolva seems high... 10mg would be fine as starting out.

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    Mixing Prop EOD with long esters is just going to cause headaches on injection schedule.

    would just use Mast E and inject all 3 MWF
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