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Thread: Fats loss: T3+ Clen

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    Fats loss: T3+ Clen

    Im 20% body fats, can i use this stack? thanks

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    I would suggest you to share your nutrition plan in the nutrition forum. There people can help you to dial in proper diet.
    At this stage, diet will make much more difference than using such stack unless you have an underlying thyroid condition.
    Drugs should be your last resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingpon2233 View Post
    Im 20% body fats, can i use this stack? thanks
    You can use anything you want, but if you’re not in a caloric deficiency you’re not going to get rid of any fat. T3 has never bothered me, but Clen is kind of miserable honestly. At 20% bodyfat, fat will come off very easily just by manipulating your diet.

    Couple things to try.
    - Stop eating sugar
    - Don’t wat processed food.

    Give that a try for 6 weeks and see what happens.

    I’d save the fat burners for that tricky fat below 10% that doesn’t want to leave.

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    personally , if your going to run Clen at fat loss dosages for the purpose of fat loss , then yes you need to run T3 with at. as these drugs are synergistic..

    what happens if your running higher dosages of Clen all by itself is that your body temp starts to rise, your body has no idea this is coming from the actual clen and thinks its a metaboic issue and so it will then begin to slow down the conversion of T4 into T3 .
    so its best to just go ahead and add in the exogenous T3 to keep the metabolism running at a fixed pace

    the combo of clen with t3 and var is one of my go to fat loss stacks.. If your male then I like adding test to this with no ai and getting some estrogen conversion though
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    Dude you are 20% bodyfat - stay away from clen ... Try doing 8-12 weeks of general fitness work or maybe you can add a lil sr9009 and GW.

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