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Thread: 2 weeks cruise even worth it?

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    2 weeks cruise even worth it?

    Hi guys, im finishing a 7 week cycle of prop and tren ace. When i finish i will cruise for 2 weeks with 500mg test a week (I know, this is a high dose for a cruise) because I will use DNP for those 2 weeks. And after I finish the DNP i will go into another cycle but with higher AAS doses and I will include humalog.
    Will the 2 weeks allow the body to downregulate myostatin at least a bit? Or not so much?


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    No it won't brother. Absolutely not especially at 500mg week which like you said is nowhere near a cruise dose..

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    I want to hear more about your dnp plan than anything
    What's your diet going to be on it, what's the dose, etc
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    Myostatin should be your last worry with that plan.

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    agree with Sil . theres no point in a 2 week cruise on 500mg of test just to jump right back on again IF mysotatin down regulation was your biggest concern..

    the way you down regulate mysotatin is you come off cycle, cruise for 6 weeks or so without Androgens, and rely on other growth factors that do not work on the androgen receptor to help maintain gains while Myostatin down regulates . eg., cruise on HGH, Insulin , Clen , T4

    on the DNP - two weeks is not going to do much unless you blasted a dangerous dosage which is not worth it . I'm an advocate of running DNP at low dosage, running it 4 days on 2 days off, and running lower dosages for durations of 4-6 weeks . thats how you burn fat (without oxidizing a ton and harming your health). the diet nutrition training and Dnp are working together this way..
    I also highly recommend running an Anabolic during Dnp use (not just an androgen like test)

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    500mg for cruise can also be a normal dose for someone .
    Why would you use a pesticide(dnp ) anyway ?
    You can achieve very low Bf , with just anabolics , a solid nutrition plan and by controlling your androgen/estro ratio.
    All i wanna say is be reasonable and becareful with dnp brother.

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    I have done similar protocols but loosely.

    Some years back...cant remember his name...dammit...

    The slingshot training guy! Ffs

    Ronnie rowland!

    He incorporated training diet and gear on an 8 week on two week off reload/deload program.

    I think it was successful but I think lots of things that are successful may not be the optimum.

    You can look up the "slingshot training" thread here by ronnie.
    It was not a one and done thing though. It involved rotating compounds and back to back intervals of 8/2/8/2 with diet and training adjustments, as well as bridges during deloads for more advanced builders.
    He wrote the book "functional training with a fork" trained pros and was a smart guy until the euro gestappo ran him off.
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    Still waiting to hear your plan for dnp OP. I'm not giving you shit. I just researched the fuck out of it and done a lot of trial and error. Curious to see what your plan is....
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