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Thread: Arimidex anastrozol affects cholesterol

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    Arimidex anastrozol affects cholesterol

    arimidex anastrozol affects cholesterol ???

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    Yes it has a pretty profound negative impact on HDL cholesterol
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    estrogen is a hormone that passes through the liver and stimulates the liver to produce HDL cholesterol .. the reason why women in their 20s have extremely good cholesterol on blood work and pretty much zero risk of heart disease is because of their high levels of estrogen (until they reach menopause and no longer produce a lot of estrogen)

    so of course if your taking drugs to limit your production of estrogen, your going to limit your ability to produce HDL (again, estrogen itself plays a big role in HDL production)

    if you want healthy HDL levels,, if you want healthy cardiovascular system and heart health, then you want to have a healthy and sufficient level of estrogen and not be taking drugs like AI's that limit these things
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